With Virtual Reality you immerse into exciting worlds and experience growth from each adventure – since 2016 ANVIO inspires their clients within the VR entertainment industry worldwide.

From the outset they were a group of VR-nerds, dreaming of cordless and accessible Virtual Reality. Their goal was to create an all-embracing and new game experience, that catapults the player from the first second beyond all existing boundaries. They began to develop equipment, which enabled the player a real-time, full body experience in the multiplayer-mode. Their extensive VR-Arcades create the ideal stage for their adventures – from treasure hunting to zombie apocalypse. ANVIO represents each game genre available.

Equipment and technology


With the help of sophisticated trackingsystem, not only the soul immerses into the breathtaking world of Virtual Reality, but also the whole body is in full motion.


100% barrier-free gaming experience. Move around freely in our extensive gaming spaces and actively participate at your chosen game. There are no irritating cables, that distract or stop you from the ultimate VR experience.


You can participate in a game of up to 6 people, where you hear and see each other in real-time and interact in full motion with one another – because only together you are successful.


The games are constructed for 2 to 6 players.

Price per person
Monday to Thursday


Session duration with setup
45 minutes

Price per person
Friday to Sunday


Session duration with setup
45 minutes


Lost Sanctuary Deluxe

Players can dive into the wonderful world: the lost city, mysterious caves and almost impassable labyrinths. Feel the Indiana Jones’ and Lara Croft’s spirit and become the main hero of the game! Lost Sanctuare Deluxe will be a revelation for puzzle lovers of all ages. Show how good you are as a team player. Will you find answers for all the questions, solves all the riddle.


City Z

A co-op game for fans of intense warfare. In order to complete City Z, the players will be using assault rifles and other weapons. The game includes several levels that comprise open and enclosed spaces, dark corridors, and high-altitude movements. The continuation of our legendary zombie shooter is a challenge for hardened fighters. Save yourself and humanity!


City Z Survivors

The sequel to our legendary zombie shooter offers many challenges even for the most hardened fighters. Save humanity and save yourselves! The threats have become even more complex, and only a perfectly functioning team can make it through the life-threatening setting that Moscow City has become.


City Z Antidote

The worst is over? No way! Scientists have found an antidote, but humanity is only close to extinction – a valuable medicine was stolen by local scumbags. Now there are not only zombies on your way, but a couple hundred thugs as well. Can you defeat them without disturbing the monsters? One loud sound here will lead to death. Ready to hold your breath?


Station Zarya

Cosmic action-horror in Sci-Fi genre. There was an S.O.S. signal from a faraway planet “Regulus-5”. In attempts to contact them, we receive unrecognised short messages, most of this correspondence has been marked as Top-Secret by Intergalactic Alliance. It has been decided to send a military scout squad from closest Star Cruiser to understand what is going on in there.



New Revolta VR PVP shooter for teams of up to 4 players. Can your friends and you become the true champion? The game features 3 game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmathch and Point Capture. Choose your own weapon from 4 primary and 3 special weapons. Three maps, each with its unique setting: desert, factory and city center. 10 different chacracter skins to choose from. Enter the battle now!


Notes for the participants

Before every game we conduct a comprehensive safety and equipment briefing for all team members.
Please be on site 15 minutes before the start of the booked game. Minutes lost due to delay will not be refunded. The briefing lasts 15 minutes on average, our game afterwards 30 minutes. Please allow a total of about 45 minutes for your visit.

Persons wearing glasses can participate in the game.
Drugs and alcohol are taboo!
If you suffer from severe motion sickness, you may feel unwell during the game.
Functional clothing and comfortable shoes will ensure maximum fun while high heels and bulky headgear should be avoided.