The $500 Challenge

How it works

Ticket price is $12, each player can buy as much tickets as he wants. You have to keep the Tickets to win.

Login with a fantasy name and the ticket number, do not use some email. Don’t use your real name. You can login with different names as long as the ticket number is in the login.

After 151 Tickets are sold the next Thursday at 8pm the last race starts. After this we start counting. We call the ticket number, the holder provide us the ticket and get his points.

Points per Player add up, there is no limit of tickets for one person.


  1. 200
  2. 180
  3. 160
  4. 150
  5. 140
  6. 130
  7. 120
  8. 110
  9. 100
  10. 98
  11. 96
  12. 94 and so on to 58th who get 2 Points.


Nordschleife with GT3 Cars. You have 24 Minutes racetime.


Winner: $500 Check

2nd: $100 Giftcard for The Melting Pot

3rd: Free Anvio Game


Double Race with one Number lead to disqualification.

Photos from the Tickets are accepted if the holder sign it on the front.

Tickets are still available