About arvi VR

Arvi VR is one of the world’s best producers of Virtual Reality gaming products.

Arvi VR was created in 2016 by a group of enthusiasts who were looking to develop modern VR & AI technologies. Over the next few years, they decided to focus on virtual reality (VR), as this is their biggest passion. They aimed to shift the usual perception of regular single player arcades and physical escape rooms.

All their creativity, experience and love for modern technologies were put together to create the quality content for every taste.

Price per person
Monday to Thursday


Session duration
60 minutes

Price per person
Friday to Sunday


Session duration
60 minutes

The games are constructed for 1 to 4 players. You can book the room and equipment for 2 players. The booking duration is 60 minutes. You can switch to other arvi VR games during these 60 minutes. The players do not have to play the same game, so they can play different games at the same time. It is not possible to switch from an arvi VR game to a VR Escape Room or to an Anvio VR game.



A Fisherman’s Tale

Bend and twist reality in A Fisherman’s Tale, the mind-bending VR puzzle adventure game in which being turned upside down and inside out is not merely a play on words. Playing as Bob, a tiny fisherman puppet, you live alone in your tiny cabin, oblivious to the world outside. When your radio broadcasts a storm alert, you have to get to the top of the lighthouse and turn on the light! But as you try to leave your cabin with the help of some uncanny sidekicks, you realize what’s waiting outside is not at all what you expected…

Break more than a couple laws of physics in mind-bending VR puzzles! Make it to the top of the lighthouse before The Big Storm, with the help of some uncanny sidekicks! Use your hands to pick up, throw, combine, and use all kinds of things in glorious fully immersive virtual reality! Toy around with your tiny little model lighthouse, inside a lighthouse, inside a… is that another lighthouse? Uncover the truth at the core of an unusually tall Fisherman’s Tale, exclusively in VR.

After the Fall

Back in the 1980’s, civilization was ground to a halt by a new ice age threatening to drive humanity to extinction. Experiments conducted in a desperate attempt to make humans more resilient against the cold went horribly wrong, giving birth to ferocious undead, mutated and twisted by the relentless cold, called snowbreed. Now, roughly twenty years later, mankind is driven underground and its survival depends on you, a Harvest Runner, one of the few survivors courageous enough to venture out into the snowbreed infested wasteland to bring back vital supplies.

Venture out into the remains of an icy, post-apocalyptic LA, wield deadly weapons and 80’s inspired technology with real-life movements as you develop your own combat style, and join forces with players worldwide as you go head to head with hordes and towering bosses in a bid to leave the city a better place than your predecessors.


Have you ever wanted to try yourself at archery? Have you ever dreamt of becoming a hero of the Middle Ages? In Archer, you are to fight hordes of orcs, goblins, and trolls attacking your fortress, and in the end — defeat the main boss! You can either fight off alone like a true hero or call your friends for help and shoot monsters together. Hurry! Grab a bow and defend your castle against uninvited guests!

Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine is a first-person shooter built exclusively for VR that immerses you in a post-apocalyptic southwestern America overrun by zombies. When you hear a flash of a human voice on the radio, your hopes surge – there are survivors out in the blistering heat of the post-apocalyptic Grand Canyon state! Armed with little more than your motion-controlled weapons and the scarce ammo and consumables you find along the way, you need to navigate the hordes of zombies coming for your brain in your desperate search for survivors.

Built exclusively for VR, Arizona Sunshine puts you in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Survive solo or join forces with fellow survivors, handle weapons with real-life movements, and freely explore a post-apocalyptic world in VR. Putting the undead back to rest is more thrilling than ever before.

Scavenge the environment, loot undead enemies and manage your ammo and consumables in a battle for survival more immersive than ever before thanks to VR. Step into the midst of a zombie apocalypse as if you were really there and take on the undead unlike ever before.

ARVI Arena

Arena is a dynamic and immersive multiplayer shooter with sci-fi elements. The rich variety of maps and weapons will excite every fan of action games. Prove yourself as a fearless gladiator of the modern world. Gather in teams and recall all the game tactics you know to conquer your enemies within VR. Use teleport features and explore the area to get bonus items. Only the most skilled players will make it through the game and get a victory. You can be one of them. Become the last survivor in the futuristic virtual battle!

Battle Magic

Battle Magic is a multiplayer PvP magic wand shooter for 2—4 players designed especially for the VR arcades. This game is inspired by the success of the game RevolVR 3. Players choose an avatar and a magic school: Ungulates, Birds, Rodents or Predators. They enter a progression of three levels.

The game goal is to kill other players as frequently as possible. Whoever kills the most, wins. After each death, a player is respawned. The attack mechanics is that of casting spells. Spells are cast by performing gestures in the air. Apart from attacking spells, a number of defensive spells is available.


Fight for dominion in Battlewake, a fantasy naval combat game built for VR. Play as 4 mythical pirate lords, captain massive battle-ready warships, and summon ancient powers as you set sail on a larger-than-life nautical war for the ages.

Clash of Chefs VR

Ready, set, cook! Clash of Chefs VR is a competitive cooking game that’ll put your culinary skills to the test as you race to finish orders. Complete 80 single player stages, or take on human opponents in both real-time and asynchronous competitive multiplayer with four unique restaurants, each with their own recipes and ingredients to master. Cook the orders, serve them up, and slap your opponents with your leftovers as you race to become the greatest chef in the world!

Key Features

  • Make burgers, burritos, pizzas, sushi and more!
  • Four varied restaurants to master: Be the best at burgers in the American Diner / Perfect your pizzas in the Italian Ristorante / Stun with your sushi in the Japanese restaurant / Become a natural at nachos in the Mexican restaurant.
  • Real-time multiplayer lets you test your skills against other chefs.
  • Take on the pre-recorded runs of the best in the world in asynchronous multiplayer.
  • Global leaderboards to conquer
  • Adjustable kitchen side height!

Creed: Rise to Glory

You are Adonis Creed, fighting toe-to-toe with the world’s top opponents to establish your boxing legacy. This intense cinematic experience features new Phantom Melee Technology for impactful VR melee combat so you can train, fight, and win like Creed.

Electronauts Arcade

Immerse yourself in an interactive sonic environment where you build, drop, and jam with your friends and top artists. Remix over 80 tracks and express yourself like never before. Electronauts sets the stage for you to DJ, perform, and make music magic in virtual reality.

Front Defense: Heroes

Ever wanted to be a war hero? In Front Defense: Heroes you can. In one of VR’s most intense multiplayer war shooter game, experience the thrill of fighting against other human players or AI bots using vintage weapons in World War II themed maps. Take sides, seize victory, but take no prisoners.

Island 359

Players will use the guns, knives, upgrades, and other tools found on the island to survive for as long as they can against hordes of dinosaurs, as they explore the increasingly dangerous island.

Lockdown VR: Kidnapped

Backpacking was all fun and enjoyable, until you and your friends hitchhiked a ride to your next destination. Will this be your final destination?

Midori’s Quest

The legendary white belt of Jigoro Kano, founder of Judo, has been stolen, and your talent is requested for recovering it. Team up with your friends and get ready for a mesmerizing journey to the mythical island of Midori. You’ll need all your courage, collaboration and ingenuity to fulfill this vital mission. Do you have what it takes?

Raw Data Arcade

Built from the ground up for VR, Raw Data’s action gameplay, intuitive controls, challenging enemies, and sci-fi atmosphere will completely immerse you within the surreal world of Eden Corp. Go solo or team up and become the adrenaline-charged heroes of your own futuristic technothriller.

RevolVR 3

RevolVR 3 is a fast paced multiplayer PvP shooter for 2-4 players staged in the robotic version of the Wild West.


  • Multiplayer deathmatch mode. Short, action-packed matches in different levels.
  • Four characters to choose from: Agent, Sheriff, Voodoo and Ninja. Every character has his own unique weapon, reload animations and shooting style.
  • Three distinct battle arenas: the Graveyard, Wild Forest and Zero Gravity.

Skyfront VR

Skyfront is a ZERO-GRAVITY shooter where you fly around battling against other players. You have cool and explosive weapons to blast at your enemies and awesome Special Abilities to mess up your opponents game. Jump in the game and you will be flying and winning in no time. Bloodless gameplay – suitable for all ages.


Classic strategy gameplay reimagined for VR. Skyworld combines accessible turn-based strategy and fast-paced real-time battles, all set in intricately animated miniature worlds. Build and command your forces right on the battlefield, conquer all Skyworlds and compete in online multiplayer. Plus, DRAGONS!

Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl

All is fair in love and VR! Friends turn foe as you set foot in the VR battle arenas of Kingdom Brawl. From the creators of Arizona Sunshine, set in the universe of Skyworld, comes an action-packed real-time multiplayer game, exclusively for VR. In Kingdom Brawl, you collect and upgrade dozens of cards to build a powerful deck, and watch your cards come to life as you cast spells and summon forces to wipe your enemy off the map. This is no friendly battle… this is war!

Smash Point

Dive into a cartoon-styled world, chasing and smashing each other with the coolest new weapons. Smash Point is a competitive multiplayer VR game full of visual fun. The game is played in Deathmatch mode, all against all, so the fun never ends because no one dies for long. The standard number of rounds is 10, one round can be set between 5 and 7 minutes long. The player with the most points wins. There are 12 charismatic characters in Smash Point, so everyone can find their favourite.

Space Pirate Trainer

Space Pirate Trainer is the official trainer for wannabe space pirates! Pick up your blasters, put on your sneakers, and dance your way into the Space Pirate Trainer hall of fame.

Sprint Vector Arcade

Welcome to Sprint Vector Championship Intergalactica, where the physical thrill of extreme sports meets the unhinged energy of a zany game show! Run, jump, climb, drift, and fly at extreme velocity as you race up to 4 players and battle obstacles in this frenetic VR adrenaline platformer!

The Walking Dead Onslaught Arcade

There’s no rest when survival is on the line. Step into AMC’s The Walking Dead and prepare for an onslaught of walkers as you assume the roles of your favorite characters from the show, and confront the horrors and humanity of this apocalyptic new world.

Traffic Jams

In the world of Traffic Jams, all traffic lights have gone out and you are the only one who can keep traffic flowing. Set out on a jam-packed global adventure to the world’s most iconic and chaotic cities as you take on a traffic control gig filled with outrageous events and flagrant road rage. Each city throws its own twists and turns at you, from unlockable events such as “cheese bowling” or chugging frisbees at unsuspecting pedestrians to (un)natural disasters such as spontaneously combusting buildings and the occasional meteorite. Time to prove yourself the ultimate traffic showman as you control traffic your way.

VR Gladiators

Gain back your freedom by fighting on the mysterious Arcadius arena. Today you enter the skin of a real gladiator. If you refuse to participate in the combat, you will perish under the claws and fangs of evil creatures. The crowd is crazy, they are here for the bloodshed. The moment has come for you to prove who is the best warrior.

Westworld: Awakening Arcade

“Westworld Awakening” is a narrative-driven experience played from the perspective of Kate – a host who has attained self-awareness. To survive a dangerous underworld where no one and nothing is what it seems, you must overcome an entire world designed to destroy and enslave you.

World of Diving

An uncharted world awaits. World of Diving is a multiplayer online game that brings you an exhilarating underwater adventure with optional VR support.

Notes for the participants

Please be on site 15 minutes before the start of the booked game. Minutes lost due to delay will not be refunded.

Persons wearing glasses can participate in the game.
Drugs and alcohol are taboo!
If you suffer from severe motion sickness, you may feel unwell during the game.
Functional clothing and comfortable shoes will ensure maximum fun while high heels and bulky headgear should be avoided.