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RaceRoom is the perfect meeting place for all motorsport fans and those who want to become one. Originally developed from the idea to create a place where everyone – no matter if professional or beginner – has the possibility to do motorsports, the RaceRoom is the ideal place to do racing yourself.

High-quality racing simulators – equipped with widescreen monitors, racing bucket seats, steering and pedal units convey an incomparably realistic feeling that otherwise only real racing drivers can experience.

Thrilling multiplayer races against your friends or other visitors as well as training laps in a thrilling race against time promise virtual racing action at its best.

Take part in our Racing League Night

The Racing League Night takes place every Wednesday starting at 5pm. Come along and join in! With some driving skills and a bit of luck, you’ll be at the top of the winner’s podium.

The $500 Challenge

Take part in our somewhat different racing competition. You don’t have to be the fastest driver. Add up your points to win.

Book your Racing Fun now

High-quality racing simulators – built with high-end equipment – convey an incomparably realistic feeling that otherwise only real racing drivers can experience.

Exciting multiplayer races with friends, colleagues or family with 12 simulators, as well as Time Attack Competition, promise virtual racing action at its finest.


Note: After you have selected the number of persons and the date, the number of simulators still available is displayed in square brackets next to the bookable times.

RaceRoom – Virtual racing for everyone. Experience genuine racing atmosphere live.

Beat opponents of your class in championships or simply drive your dream car along your favourite track in the single mode. It’s all possible at the RaceRoom.

  • RaceRoom offers genuine racing feel for everyone – no matter what your age or experience
  • State-of-the-art racing simulators using the latest technology
  • Virtual races on the world’s most famous race tracks
  • Suitable for young and old, amateurs and pros
  • Free training, qualifying, pole position – like on a true race track
  • Exciting competitions, bold overtaking manoeuvres and fierce battles for position for the ultimate adrenaline rush







Fun for everyone, whatever your age

  • The latest racing simulators allow several players to drive along the world’s most exciting tracks live and compete with each other.
  • Bucket seats, steering and pedal units, integrated widescreen monitors, realistic racing cars, original race tracks and a massive sound system catapult players into the impressive world of racing.
  • All RaceRooms use the complete, multi-award-winning SimBin race game software that makes this experience so unique.
  • The RaceRoom offers extraordinary entertainment for any age – for customers, colleagues, friends, family, classmates or club members.
  • The RaceRoom is particular fun if you come as part of a group.
  • Bold overtaking manoeuvres and exciting battles for position promise goose bumps and the best adrenaline rush ever.