This upcoming weekend, Wantec-Motorsports will be coming to the Roebling Road Raceway in Savannah, Georgia, to compete in the Spec Miata race. Led by our racer, Javier Laurnaga, we have our sights aimed high at a podium spot. The last time Javier raced as a fresh newcomer, he made some serious waves, placing fourth in the final race of the weekend. We have no doubts that Javier will make even more of a name for our racing team. Please enjoy the beginning of our pre-race commentary with Javier, with more interviews with the team to come.

How do you feel about taking on Roebling Road this weekend?


“Personally, I love the course, it’s simple but technical. There’s no elevation change on this course so it’s very different from all the other tracks I’ve been on.”


What are your hopes for this weekend?


“I think the race should go well in our favor if we have the same luck we did at CMP. Hopefully we can at least score a podium this time around. With all the dyno tuning and suspension setup adjustments that were made I think we have a shot of a great result.”


How are you preparing for this race?


“As of right now, I think I’ve done around 135-150 laps around Roebling in Assetto Corsa. Though not a perfect representation, it’s still a great tool to get myself familiar with the track and very similar car in the game.”


Come out this weekend and watch Javier make a name for Wantec Motorsports! We couldn’t be happier with the beginning of a new chapter for Wantec, and we want you to be a part of it. Be sure to stay tuned to Wantec Patchnotes this week for more updates and interviews about this weekend’s epic race, along with details on how to come show your support!